Professional pet sitters in your home

Our aim is to keep your pets and plants happy by giving them personalised attention and loving care when you can’t be there.

We visit and care for your pets in your own home so that you can have peace of mind when you go away on holiday, or need to commute for work.

We are also available to help with day-to-day tasks like playing, mucking out, grooming, feeding and watering plants. We can even give you an extra helping hand on your property with paddock cleaning or if you need more specialised care with your animals.

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Our Services

  • Farm & domestic animal pet sitting
  • House sitting with pets
  • Paddock & Stable cleaning
  • Horse grooming
  • Feeding & rugging
  • Dog walking
  • Everyday animal care
  • Mobile pet clipping
  • Holiday care
  • Plant care
  • Reptile care
  • Pet taxi
  • Ongoing preventative care and treatment

About our Services

Give us a call – we’re Samford residents with years of experience caring for both small and large animals. Pets in their own home are happy pets, so let us share our love of animals with you!