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How much does pet sitting cost? Does it cost more if I have more pets?

We charge per visit rather than per pet, to enable our service to be affordable to all pet owners, regardless of the number of pets owned. We offer a variety of different lengths of visits throughout the day. Please contact us for an up to date rates & services list.

I need help with a particular animal care task, but I cannot see it on your list of services. Can I still contact you?

Yes, by all means. We offer a number of other specialized services (such as reptile care). Please contact us and we will let you know how we can be of assistance.

My pet has just undergone surgery, and I need some help with his ongoing treatment. Can you help?

Yes. Part of our specialized services include administering tablets and injections

(as prescribed by your vet).

Do you look after pets on your own premises?

No. For reduced stress, your pet stays where it feels most comfortable and secure – at home. With familiar sights, sounds, smells, and routines your pet can relax and follow its regular schedule.

How do I know my pet/s will be OK with you?

We both have many years experience and training with small and large animals, and are continually keeping our skills and knowledge of animal care up to date. We are registered with the Pet Industry Association of Australia, have been police checked and have a good working relationship with Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital.

How will you ensure my property is secure while I’m away?

We will strive to give your property that “lived-in” look by bringing in mail, taking out any garbage, turning lights on and off and rotating blinds/curtains. We also do a visual inspection of your property during our visits to ensure nothing appears out of the ordinary.

How much notice do you need for booking services?

We normally recommend that you make a booking with us as soon as you know your dates to avoid disappointment (especially if you are planning on going away during the holiday season). We are quite flexible however, availability permitting, and do accept bookings up to the day before you are due to leave (if we have not yet met your pets) and on the same day that a visit is required (for ongoing clients).Petsitting service booking form

Do I have to engage you for a minimum time period?

No. You can request our services for as little as a single “value-visit” (being our shortest visit of up to 15mins in duration).

What happens if my animal is ill or injured while I’m away?

One of the forms we complete together at the time of booking our services is a Veterinary authority form. This enables us to contact your usual vet in the case of an emergency and we cannot get hold of you.

I live outside the area shown on your coverage map – can you still provide a service?

We have an ongoing referral system in place with various other reputable pet-sitters. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Are there any animals you won’t look after?

We do not look after spiders and certain poisonous animals, although we do provide care for snakes and reptiles.

When do I have to pay? If I cancel, do you offer refunds?

Payment is due in full prior to our first scheduled visit. A deposit may also be requested for bookings made well in advance for holiday periods. We do offer refunds – please contact us for our terms and conditions.

“Hooves’n’All provides me with exceptional back up animal caring.

I have the utmost confidence that when I can’t be there to feed my wonderful menagerie, Hooves’n’All will step in with enthusiasm and diligence.”

Joan Wilson-Jones